This is my body manifesto, which I originally wrote about here. If you feel inspired to write your own manifesto, I would love to read it! Feel free to share a link in the comments!

This body is deserving of love and compassion.
This is my body and it is my choice what I do with it.
My body has no responsibility other than to serve my spirit.
My sole responsibility with my body is to take care of it. Taking care of my body means:
  • Feeding it nutritious food when it is hungry.
  •  Allowing it to enjoy pleasurable sensations. 
  •  Moving it in ways that feel good. 
  •  Protecting it from harm. 
  •  Giving it plenty of water and sun. 
  •  Loving it.
It is for no one else to say what I do with my body, including, but not limited to:
  • Shaving or waxing. I will be as hairy or as hairless as I see fit. My hair hurts no one. 
  • Wearing makeup. I will wear makeup when I want, but only for my pleasure. I will allow my bare face fresh air regularly. 
  •  Clothing. I will wear what makes me feel good, regardless of what others may think. 
  • Swimwear. I will wear whatever piece of swimwear I feel good in and suits my needs. 
  •  Attractiveness. It is not my responsibility to make myself appealing to someone else's eyes. 
  •  Diet. Diets do not exist. I will eat what I want because I want to live my life fully. 
  •  Color. I will be as pale as I am because I do not want skin cancer and I don't want too much exposure to chemicals. I also do not wish to be an Oompa-Loompa.
My body is the vessel through which my spirit experiences this life.
I will remind my body that it is beautiful.
I will show my body love.


  1. Oooo yes! I like this! Very positive, proactive, and healthy way to look at your body! Our society could not have enough of this mindset. I hope that others will emulate your body perception because it's definitely one to follow! :)

  2. Oh my goodness I LOVE the premise of this blog! How right you are girlfriend! New follower here for sure!


  3. Cheers to you from another pale girl! :)


  4. i just wanted to thank you for posting this and declaring that your body deserves love and kindness. i have been thinking about this post a lot lately and it has been causing me to be kind to myself. i have been struggling with my weight and even though i have lost 16 pounds recently, i still feel like i need to lose more and that its not good enough. i am really abusive towards my body and it is very unhealthy. i have been trying to be like you and be kind to myself. so thank you for inspiring me!

    1. Thank you so much for this, Lauren. I know what you mean- I've been there (oh, have I been there). Just remember, you and your body are worthy of love- especially love from yourself. :)


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